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Force Feed
If your combine won't feed at the auger, especially in short, weedy or tangled crops, it's because it isn't feeding at the cylinder. Our Force Feed Feeder Chain solves the problem.

When quick latch headers were first introduced, manufactures eliminated the front beater, leaving the combine vulnerable to a host of feeding and plugging problems, especially in short, weedy or downed crops. We solved the problems by designing a slat with a flap on it. EAch slat, in effect, works like a beater to feed material into the cylinder.

Combine manufacturers have tried a lot of different ideas - everything from belting strips to reversing mechanisms - but nothing they've come up with is as simple and effective as our Force Feed Feeder Chain.

The Force Feed Feeder Chain will feed ALL crops, including short, grassy and weedy crops. It has been proven in the rice fields of California and Arkansas, wheat and milo from Texas to Canada, barley in Colorado, and beans & corn from the Rockies to the East Coast.

Manchester Manufacturing Co. of Manchester, Oklahoma cares about your combine's feeding problems. We have been devoted to making feeder chains and grain raddles for combines for over 50 years. We have introduced more improvements and new ideas than anyone in the world.


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