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Hillside Raddle
Manchester Manufacturing's Hillside Raddle has patented lugs attached to the steel slats. These lugs prevent grain from sliding to the downhill side of the raddle pan before it reaches the chatter, thus helping to prevent overloading of the lower side of the chaffer sieve and cleaning shoe.

Regardless of the tilt of the combine, the grain is held in place across the full width of the Raddle. Custom combine operators who operate conventional Gleaner combines, and who have discovered our Hillside Raddle, are our best salesmen. They know and have proven that the Hillside Raddle works.

The raddles convert all makes and models into a low cost "hillside" combine for a fraction of the cost of a factory made hillside combine, or the air type attachment for preventing grain loss on hillsides.

We also offer a replacement slats for the wooden slat raddles on all Gleaner combines built before 1971. It includes roller chain with steel slats, drive sprockets, idlers, and all other necessary parts.


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